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James Traverse
James Traverse


Will 2021 be the year you truly pursue your dreams?

Transformation is unique for everyone. This New Year is your chance to decide what you want and discover how to achieve it.

I feel drawn to help you via an online course where I can share the wisdom gained over 40 continuous years of Yoga and Meditation.

This is an interactive 7-week course I call The Everlasting Bloom. The course starts Jan 5, 2021.

Space is limited to 10 people and the connection is via Zoom.

The fee is $597

– earlybird before Jan 2 – $497



The Everlasting Bloom – for Lasting Inner Peace

  • Accept what is, Release all Burdens, Enter Stillness, Be Light.
  • Discover Peace Beyond Understanding.
  • Enjoy Lasting Peace and Happiness.
  • Understand the Meaning of Life.
  • Discriminate between Transient and Lasting Peace.
  • Discover Living Answers.
  • Be the Change.
  • The 10 person limit allows personal attention to your journey and questions.
  • Go beyond Book-Learning.

Contact James: james@jamestraverse.com

If you prefer to have a book click here: